EOP Platform

The EXCITEMENT Open Platform (EOP) is an open source software platform containing state-of-the-art algorithms for recognizing texual entailment relations: given two text fragments, one named text and the other named hypothesis, the task consists in recognizing whether the hypothesis can be inferred from the

Written in Java, EOP is a main product of the project EXCITEMENT - EXploring Customer Interactions through Textual EntailMENT which is funded by the European Commission under the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme (FP7). EOP is designed to be efficient and extendable.

Highlights include:

  • Separation between Linguistic Analysis Pipelines and Entailment Components

  • Supporting modularity and interoperability among Components

  • Java API with source code

  • Pre-trained multi-lingual models (i.e. English, German, Italian)

  • Trainable with new sample data

  • Detailed documentation to understand the structure and implementation of EOP

  • Quick Start documentation to start using EOP from now

  • Results and configuration files archive shared among users

EOP Platform Website

Contact: Bernardo Magnini