Pilot Task of EVENTI @ EVALITA 2014

Evaluation data and gold annotations of the pilot task "Temporal Processing of Historical Texts" organized within the EVENTI exercise at EVALITA 2014.

This dataset consists of more than 5,000 tokens from newspaper articles published in "Il Trentino" by Alcide De Gasperi, one of the founders of the Italian Republic and one of the fathers of the European Union. All the selected news stories date back to 1914, the year of the outbreak of World War 1. The dataset has been manually annotated with semantic information: events, temporal expressions and temporal relations following the It-TimeML guidelines, which are compliant with ISO-TimeML, the international standard based on TimeML (read more about It-TimeML). Data are released in the XML-based stand-off format provided by CAT (Content Annotation Tool), the tool used to annotate the corpus.

Data and annotations are freely available for research purposes: Fill form

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Contact: eventi_evalita[@]list.fbk.eu