QALL-ME Benchmark

The QALL-ME benchmark is a collection of several thousand spoken utterances related to the domain of tourism, both audio files and their corresponding transcriptions, in the four languages involved in the project: English, German, Italian and Spanish. These utterances ask for information about cultural events, accommodation, movies, gastro, etc. and have been transcribed according to guidelines set out by the QALL-ME consortium. The German, Italian and Spanish questions are also translated into English. Annotation of speech acts and expected answer type (EAT) have been completed. The benchmark is a complete, reusable multilingual resource which can be used for training and testing in the field of QA.

The QALL-ME benchmark consists of 16722 utterances in the four languages English, German, Italian and Spanish.

Download English Benchmark

Download German Benchmark

Download Italian Benchmark

Download Spanish Benchmark