Dot.Com (Designing adaptive informatiOn exTraction from text for KnOwledge Management)

EDAMOK (Enabling Distributed and Autonomous Management of Knowledge)

EuroSentiment (Language Resource Pool for Sentiment Analysis in European Languages)

EXCITEMENT (EXploring Customer Interactions through Textual EntailMENT)

FLaReNet (Fostering Language Resources Network)

LiveMemories (Active Digital Memories of Collective Life)

MateCat (Machine Translation Enhanced Computer Assisted Translation)

MEANING (Developing Multilingual Web-scale Language Technologies)

META-NET (A Network of Excellence forging the Multilingual Europe Technology Alliance)

NewsReader (Building structured event Indexes of large volumes of financial and economic Data for Decision Making)

ONTOTEXT (From Text to Knowledge for the Semantic Web)

PATExpert (Advanced Patent Document Processing Techniques)

PESCaDO (Personalized Environmental Service Configuration and Delivery Orchestration)

QALL-ME (Question Answering Learning technologies in a multiLingual and Multimodal Environment)

TAL (Trattamento Automatico della Lingua Italiana)

TALES (Trattamento Automatico delle Lingue Ladina e Sarda)

Web-FAQ - (Web Flexible Access and Quality)

X-Media (Knowledge Management across Media)