NLP - Natural Language Processing research group

"Building Bridges through Language Technologies"

Language technology enables people to collaborate and share knowledge regardless of language barriers and computer skills. It often operates invisibly inside complex software systems to help us find information with a search engine, check spelling and grammar, view product recommendations, follow the directions of a navigation system, and translate web pages.

In the Natural Language Processing research group at Fondazione Bruno Kessler we develop computational models of human languages, focusing on written texts. We are active in the following areas: information extraction, conversational agents, and pragmatics.

Information extraction

Our interests include document classification, information extraction and ontology population from text, semantic inferences, analysis of the sentiment and of the emotional content of texts.

Conversational agents

Our interests include task oriented dialogue systems, question answering, generation of persuasive messages.


We try to explore some aspects (e.g. creative genres) of natural language traditionally considered outside the scope of computational modeling, such as emotions in text, computational humour, persuasive language.